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<strong>Sørg for, at nødvendige felter er udfyldt korrekt</strong><br><br>

​Welcome to ES-GO Trading

We are a company that is working with new and used dairy equipment, as well as other accessories, that are used in dairy industry.

Our company offers different types of products and we prefer to work with well known and proven quality products. 

ES-GO Trading also has a huge range of Functional Milk Proteins, that are used in different dairy products.


We are mainly focused on the European market, and with our experience and good service, we are always trying to find the best solutions for our costumers.

Please take a look at our products and see if you can find something that could be interesting for your company.

You are welcome to contact us by fax, e-mail or telephone, 

​ES-GO Trading v/Goran Cokic  |  Søndergade 37A, 7600 Struer  |  Tlf.: +45 20 71 58 48  |  E-mail:  |  CVR: 28171609