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​Lobe pump Ibex pumps.

Model NMOG/632V/P

​Lobepump Waukesha

Model 018U2

APV W+ 25/210

Proces tank with mixer 2000 l.

Thermization unit.

​Cheese racks.

​Westfalia separator

type VA35-09-566

Designed for use as an extraction centrifuge for liquid / liquid / substance separation. this centrifuge has been used  for penicillin production But can run as Quark separator It is completely renovated and inspected

Used milk separator

GEA Westfalia KDA

Output Capacity: 1.000 Kg/

Used milk separator

•Manufacturer: GEA Westfalia

•Model: MSB 60-01-076

•Function: Milk Separator

•Serial number: 1691-802

•Capacity: 5- 7,000 litres/hour

•Year of manufacture: 1987

•Complete with tools, base plate and control panel

•Speed: 6450 RPM

•Heavy liquid: 1.0kg/dm3

•Solids: 1.1kg/dm3

•Motor power: 15 kW

•Electrics: 415V/ 50Hz/ 3Phase


•Length: 173 cms

•Width: 85 cms

•Height: 185 cms

•Weight: 1550 kgs


Packing machine

​Cheese production complete equipment.

​​2 x. 4000 l. vat with mixers

6 x press

1 x press with 18 cylinders, table, forms for 10 kg. cheese

4 pcs salting vats glasfiber and incl vagons for cheese (40 pcs)​

Other small cutting tools are included.

LOOS steam boiler.

Mounted on a frame​

type: U - HD
heating surface approx.: 14 qm
capacity: 800 kg/h
allowable working pressure: 10,0 bar
increased test pressure: 18,5 bar
water contents low level approx.: 748 l
water contents full approx.: 1.108 l
year of construction: 2004
CE-Mark: CE 0036

each equipped with Weishaupt gas burner,
fittings for gas supply, switch cabinet, feedwaterpump
and the existing small and large-scale fittings.

Combined firetube water tube boiler

manufacturer: THYSSEN HENSCHEL
heating surface approx.: 12,9 qm
capacity: 600 kg/h
former working pressure: 10,0 bar
test pressure: 17,1 bar
water contents low level: 1,04 cbm
water contents full: 1,33 cbm
year of construction: 1996

equipped with Elco Klöckner Gasburner,
switch cabinet built on boiler body, feeding pump

and the existing small and large scale-fittings.​

Used steam boiler

Mounted on a frame

manufacturer: Fröling

heating surface approx.: 16,0 qm
capacity: 650 kg/h
allowable working pressure: 10,0 bar
test pressure: 18 bar
water contents low level approx.: 1.320 l
year of construction: 1991

with separate swith cabinet
1 Weishaupt gasburner G5/1-D, version ZMD 175 940 kW
1 fittings for gas supply
1 feed water pump
1 water level gauge glass
1 water level regulator and limiter
1 mud blow down valve
1 safety valve

1 steam valve​

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